About IBET

IBET's products are breakthrough technologies and ventures that can reduce annual global GHG emissions by at least 2%, can achieve market penetration within 10 years of identification and provide customers with at least a 50% cost advantage over the latest zero or negative emission incumbents and cost parity or better with fossil based incumbents using current CO2e  incentives.  

Unlike other scientific discovery to product processes, IBET’s STAG process leverages scientific innovation with application and market innovation in an early stage crucible creating venturable technology with a low likelihood of experiencing expensive pivoting processes. The STAG process starts with the development of a customer driven CRD (customer/market requirements document). Once the CRD is developed and the technology specifications established, the technology program is created (through discovery or repurposing) and a core team environment established. IBET's disciplined core-team product development approach uniquely incorporates the scientific investigator with other domain experts and employs only highly experienced technology entrepreneurs as project managers to end with commercial products and ventures.


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mike brown

DR. denis connor

gary Schubak
marketing director

ken Kratschmar
Technical Director

chris reid
Managing director

DR. Walter mérida

dr. ged mclean
science advisor