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IBET will help keep the global GHG emissions consistent with agreed targets from COP21 in Paris and over-participate inthe multi-trillion dollar emerging low emission market by creating investable breakthrough energy and emission technology companies that will deploy their products in half the average time of conventional commercialization pathways. IBET is a Community Contribution Company.

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Ekona Power 

World governments, industries, and end consumers need breakthrough energy and emission products that can help keep climate change progression consistent with the Paris targets (or a maximum of ~1000 Gt of cumulative new CO2e). Our partners are governments looking for better ways to deploy research and development funds, investment funds looking for a more efficient and successful commercialization process, and industrial product/energy companies who need to survive and profit from the rapidly emerging clean energy market.

IBET has developed a unique commercial ramping (STAG) process to identify these breakthrough technologies through market/customer analysis and compress the incubation period from scientific discovery to first article deployment by 50%. IBET will increase the efficiency of generalized research funding by over 500% saving governments, industries and other financiers millions of dollars.

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“After four decades supporting entrepreneurs through venture capital, business planning and executive mentorship, I believe it is time for a new type of partnership that engages the entrepreneurs, corporations and financial institution.”
Michael J. Brown
IBET Director & Canada’s most experienced venture investor
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